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"I have had the pleasure of working with Lise for the past 2 years on both dog handling and dog training matters and have been blown away by her love of dogs and her dedication to working with them. 

She always finds ways to incorporate training into every interaction whether it be jumping up or leash pulling. She has been absolutely dependable and flexible with her time and I feel like working with her is being part of a team dedicated to improving my dogs' lives!​"

Jennifer Cross, Owner, The Dog Spot
Services offered
Dog Training, Everett WA
Puppy ABC's:   Start your puppy off with the basic tools - Sit, down, stay, leave it, and more.

Behavior Training:  Train your dog the basic tools of sit, down, stay, come, stop jumping up, and more.

​​Dog Walking:  With a good walk and play, you'll come home to a happy, settled dog after a long days work.
Dog & Puppy Training Classes 
Looking for group classes for your dog or puppy?  I've got them!
Private, in-your-home training:
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Group Training Classes:
Dealing with your dog's separation anxiety can be expensive, heart-breaking and often feels hopeless. I offer separation anxiety consultations and training plans geared to deal with this difficult issue.
NEW! Half-day play and train adventure!
Treat your dog to half a day of one-on-one, private playtime and training session on a safe, beautiful, fenced in 1/4 acre of land, without ever having to leave your home!  Click here for more details.