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Dogs are great trainers. I know many owners (including myself) who have been very well trained by their dogs! So let’s level the playing field and learn how to train them, too.  In the following articles, I've addressed how to change unwanted behaviors, why dogs do what they do and feedback on the latest news about dog training.
As we watched Lise with our hyper-vigilant little Sophie, we realized she has the 4 important "C" words down to a science: Calm, Concentrated, Compassionate
& Comitted.

It is very obvious to us that Lise has given herself heart and soul to her profession. She is completely dedicated to the well being and training of the dogs she works with and we would recommend her to anyone in need of a trainer for their dog!

Has going for a walk turned into a tug-of-war?
Appearing onn "Pet Connections" website -  March, 2013
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