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Paws Afoot Clients
"I have had the pleasure of working with Lise for the past two years on both dog handling and dog training matters and have been blown away by her love of dogs and her dedication to working with them.  Not only does Lise do a great job exercising and caring for dogs, but she has a true passion to understand their behavior and use that knowledge to improve their quality of life. She always finds ways to incorporate training into every interaction whether it be jumping up or leash pulling, Lise doesn't just provide exercise; she provides practice on basic manners at the same time! She has been absolutely dependable and flexible with her time and I feel like working with her is being part of a team dedicated to improving my dogs lives!"
Jennifer Cross, Trainer & Owner, The Dog Spot
Sue C.
"I've always had a love/hate relationship with my dog, Radar. He had some behavior issues with other dogs that needed to be addressed. I met Lise and she set up a training program immediately. I was at my wits end and she actually had a plan! Not only was she punctual but she laid everything out very nicely in easy to understand written directions. We had an initial intake visit followed by three training sessions. The written agenda was an easy to follow, step-by-step description and she always followed up with homework assignments for me. When we would meet next, we would always refer to the last training session in case I had any questions or problems. 
Scott & Lori W.
“We’ve been so grateful to have Lise as a dog sitter for Max over the last few months. Max is a rescue dog from the shelter and very shy. Having just the right person to sit with him while we’re out has meant so much to us as he continues to come “out of his shell”. Lise was immediately sensitive to his needs and Max warmed up to her very quickly. He has only done this with one other person, a very knowledgeable trainer also. Lise has a wonderful balance of professionalism and friendliness. On several occasions, she has been able to help us out on very short notice and always with enthusiasm. We get updates on their romps and snuggles as well as updates on some of the supportive training she incorporates. We are always comfortable to have her in our home and Max is contented and stress free when we return. Her gift for understanding dogs makes it clear that she is following a life-long love. It is such a relief to be able to leave Max with someone so caring, reliable, positive and qualified. We highly recommend her!
Francesca H.
“PAWS AFOOT was recommended to me by a great doggie-day-care after it was apparent that my dog was not going to thrive in its facility due to his anxiety. Lise, the owner of Paws Afoot, came over to do the initial consultation and my dog. Murphy immediately liked her. Since then, she comes once a week and walks him at mid-day and he absolutely loves her. She always leaves me a little note describing how he did, and due to the fact that he is just over a year old and is still being socialized, her notes are helpful and allow me a better understanding of the issues I need to address. Lise is a certified trainer and it most definitely shows in how she interacts with Murph. She is kind and gentle but she does not allow him to get away with his less desirable impulses; and because she has been mentored by other wonderful trainers, all of whom obviously love canines, she approaches each dog as a special individual who is capable of outstanding behavior. Paws Afoot is professional, reliable, flexible, and a company I highly recommend!”
Rebecca F.
"Working with our dog, Ellie and Lise are an awesome combination! Lise was a dog trainer during our class, giving solid, kind, and steady advise to humans, with intelligent problem solving skills for any doggie issue. Dogs respond instantly to her positive approach and she found such innovative ways to enhance the partnership between clients and their dogs. Naturally, when we needed someone to walk Ellie during the day, we thought of Lise. She continued to work with Ellie, making walking sessions fun but also instructive, reinforcing skills learned in class. Lise is organized, a wonderful communicator, and above all, safe, reliable, and completely trustworthy. We highly recommend Lise and Paws Afoot - Your dog will love her!!"
Pam B.
"Lise has been great working with our dog, Ranger! She comes twice a week while we’re at work and spends an hour playing with him and taking him for walks. Lise is extremely dedicated to her job, dependable and has walked Ranger on her scheduled days rain or shine. We know that we will come home to a happy, tired puppy and a clean house because she is always careful to wipe his paws before bringing him inside. She has been very helpful with training support and leaves us notes every day to let us know how their session went. We love that she goes out of her way to to provide exceptional care including brushing him and leaving him with a treat filled Kong every day! Thank you Lise!"
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Occasionally, I would think of a problem in my head and believe there was no solution to it. When we discussed it, it was actually quite amazing - She spoke to me in a way that was almost as if my dog was talking to me. There was a solution, and I understood it! Her knowledge of dog behavior was profound. I have more of a love/love relationship with my dog thanks to Lise! I've recently counted on Lise to come and walk and play with Radar while I'm away on weekends. I feel so much better leaving him, knowing I can trust Lise to be there and provide an outstanding service. Her love of dogs is very apparent, and my dog’s love of her is also very apparent!"
Margaret & Brian W.
"Lise Lausiva was great with our two dogs! We were looking for a new dog sitter for a vacation, having had bad experiences in the past with kennels and other dog sitters. We were prepared to sit down and interview dozens of people, but she was our first appointment and we stopped there! Immediately our dogs Dakota and Baxter LOVED her, which has never happened before with a stranger. The fact that she is a dog trainer and was able to handle our obnoxious dogs was a huge plus. We could rest easy on our vacation knowing they were well taken care of. Our dogs are a part of our family and it was nice to know that they were being watched by an expert and a dog lover. Feel free to e-mail or call if you have any questions about our experience with Lise."
"Lise was recommended to us by our veterinarian of over 20 years and she has been a wonderful gift to our companion Sugar and to us. She and Sugar seemed to hit it off right away and the love for dogs that Lise has shown is not only evident when we see her around Sugar, but also when we return home and see the difference Lise has made in Sugar's life and behaviour. Sugar was a rescue dog, apparently abused by a prior owner, and had numerous issues

When Lise first started with Sugar, there were problems with pulling on walks, aggressive behaviour towards animals and some people, and other issues. After 4 months, Sugar's behaviour and demeanor are vastly improved thanks to Lise's gentle, steadying work with her. The pulling and behavioural problems are minimal now and gentle reminders bring Sugar back to the loving dog she is very quickly.

We are grateful for Lise's presence in ours and Sugar's lives, and would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Jim & Starr L.
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