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Separation Anxiety Training
Do you ever feel?

  • Sad because you don't want your dog to suffer
  • Guilty when you have to leave
  • Trapped because you can't leave your dog alone
  • ​Frustrated that you don't know how to help your dog
  • Confused about all the conflicting training advice on the Internet 
Certificate, Separation Anxiety Professional
Does your dog do any of these when you leave? 

  • Howl, whine or bark non-stop
  • Break out of their crate again and again
  • Break teeth or claws trying to dig their way out of their crate
  • Destroy doors, baseboards, curtains, blinds, window sills - you name it
  • Excess panting and drooling
  • Urinate and/or defacate around the house
  • Try to break out of the house​ by any means possible
The Solution

An easy, step-by-step plan to help your dog let go of their anxiety.

The month-long plan includes:

  • 20 easy, daily training exercises
  • 20 daily reviews of exercise videos
  • Daily feedback on the exercises
  • 4 weekly Zoom meetings to review and help you and your dog progress
  • Handouts about all aspects of separation anxiety
  • Additional support through Whatsapp, text and email
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Interested in learning more?
"Lise is amazing. Winnie, my 15 year old min pin, has separation anxiety to the point I couldn't go anywhere without her screaming endlessly until I returned. Lise has been so attentive and supportive in teaching me how to train Winnie. Separation Anxiety training is a lot of work, but totally worth it. Winnie is still in the process of training, but making excellent progress thanks to Lise. I highly recommend her!"  Anna A.